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Our Process

Non-Warranty Service

1. Once we have evaluated your equipment failure, we will check our parts inventory.

2. If a part is not immediately available, the technician will list parts required on the paperwork.

3. Our Quote Department will prepare a quote and send it within 24 hours.

4. Once the quote is approved, we will immediately place the order with our suppliers.

5. If any part is on Back-Order (BO), or no longer available, we will notify the customer immediately and provide other options.

6. We will make every effort to investigate other options to serve your repair needs.

7. Once the parts are received, we will notify the customer and schedule the repair accordingly.

Estimated Repair Time-Turn Around Time (TAT)

At ATP, we will not sacrifice quality for speed. Based on actual statistics of jobs completed in the past, we try to maintain a 5-7 day TAT. Of course this depends on many factors: how quickly the estimate is approved by the customer, whether or not we have the parts in stock, and whether or not the manufacturer or supplier has the parts in stock.The process time for most repairs needing out-of -stock parts will range from 5-10 days, depending on shipping options. All options, which minimize downtime and expedite service, will be discussed prior to repair and final decision would lie with the customer and how quickly they need the repairs completed. We do NOT guarantee these TATs! Each case is different and many factors go into each decision. While we cannot control manufacturer delays, we will keep our customers informed as to the status of their parts order on a consistent basis. We strive to complete a job as quickly as possible. We understand the complaints and headaches associated with broken equipment. OUR COMMITMENT IS PROVIDING ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS AND ADEPT REPAIRS WHILE MAXIMIZING EFFICIENCY AND ENSURING MINIMAL DOWNTIME. 

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