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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ATP carry liability insurance?

 Absolutely. It is very important for a contractor to be insured. ATP carries

$1 million business liability insurance through one of the top insurers in the nation*, which ensures your facility is adequately protected. Some businesses hire contractors who are not additionally insured. Be sure to ask the company you hire if the subcontractors are insured! Don't be fooled.


*Proof available upon request.

Is ATP Licensed?

Yes. ATP is licensed through the City of Lakewood, CA 

Is there a Warranty for repairs that were recently completed?

Yes. Our services are warrantied for 30 days for the same issue on the same unit, and parts are warrantied by the manufacturer for 90 days following the installation date.

What if you are unable to fix my machine?

Even though we make every effort to repair your machine, cases arise where it is basically impossible. For instance, if parts are no longer available, or your machine has not been recommended for repair due to age or condition. In these instances, you may be offered a discount or refund based on the situation. We want to keep our customers happy, so we make every effort to provide a fair and positive experience.

How much commission do you receive for increasing my bill?

I love this question. I used to work for a company that did just that. We were offered a bonus structure based on parts sold, needed or not. I left that company shortly after the bonus structure was put in place. I DON'T WORK LIKE THAT! We recommend parts that are needed. Certain other "wear" parts may be recommended while the machine is being "ripped apart," as it just makes sense. Every recommendation will be discussed with the customer. If you would like a better explanation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do you prefer to work on commercial equipment?

Our training and experience lies primarily with commercial-based equipment. However, a treadmill is a treadmill. We are experienced in all types and makes of equipment. Non-commercial equipment generally costs less. With this in mind, repairs to these types of machines are usually expensive in relation to the cost of the unit as a whole. Our helpful staff can assist you in deciding whether it is cost effective to do the repairs, or invest in a new unit.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. With the addition of new smartphone technology, credit cards can now be accepted on the spot.

Does ATP sign non-disclosure forms?

Yes. ATP will sign non-disclosure for celebrity clients or wherever applicable.

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